College Campus Parking Lots

College Campus Parking Lots

The exterior of a premise, especially the parking lot speaks volumes about an institution. In order to build a solid reputation for an institution therefore, you need to construct a parking lot that ensures the convenience and safety of the users while at the same time highlights the beauty and aesthetics of the institution. Just like any other institution that receives lots of traffic, a college campus needs a spacious parking lot that provides ample parking space and allows ease of access to and from the premise. The strength and durability of the parking lot should also be guaranteed together with the visual allure. In order to end up with an impeccable campus college parking lot, there are certain things you need to observe during the construction process.

Choose the Right Paver

Successful campus college paving depends quite a great deal on the paver of choice. A parking garage is expected to handle heavy load and as such needs a paver that can withstand the pressure. Concrete paver is one of the popular options for a parking lot. Besides being durable with a life expectancy of more than 2 decades, it is also strong enough to handle high traffic and heavy vehicles. It is however not the best option in areas that experience adverse weather condition. Concrete is vulnerable to extremely high or low temperatures due to the fact that it is stiff.

College campus asphalt pavers have over the years proven to be a great option for campus parking lots. Asphalt pavers are flexible and can comfortably handle both light and heavy vehicles. Their flexibility also make them robust to adverse weather conditions as they adjust according to temperatures and are hardly affected by dampness.


Another key element in the construction of a campus college parking lot is the design of the lot. As earlier mentioned, the parking lot needs adequate parking space that can accommodate everyone that visits the institution. It is also important to develop a design that offers ease of navigation. The parking lot needs clearly defined lanes both for entry and exit with signs directing users on how to proceed. It should also be designed with safety in mind, keeping a pedestrian walkway to prevent accidents. Besides the functionality, beauty is also a factor to consider in the design.


The construction of the parking lot begins right from the laying of the subgrade. The foundation is crucial to the strength of the parking lot and needs to be handled quite carefully. The subgrade should be compacted until it is solid. Experience is crucial in the installation of the pavers as it offers more chances of success. Long Island Paving Masonry is certainly the college campus paving company to hire for your college campus parking lot needs. We take pride in our team of parking lot contractors who are both proficient and experienced in the field. Offering remarkable services in Nassau County, Suffolk County and Long Island region, Long Island Paving Masonry helps you pick the best paver, create an outstanding design and constructs a brilliant college parking lot. You can count on us for your every paving needs.