Drainage problems are a common challenge that most property owners face from time to time, especially during the rainy season. If not handled precisely, they can cause some serious damages on the property such as basement leaks or provide breeding ground for pests and other disease causing organisms. Putting in place an effective drainage system is an efficient way of getting rid of any drainage problems that you may encounter on your premises, commercial or residential. It takes good landscape design and the use of ideal drainage methods to solve drainage issues. There are a number of factors that result in poor drainage and knowing what causes your drainage problem is significant in developing the perfect landscaping drainage for your property.

Among the common causes of landscaping drainage issues are flatness of the land, high water table and soil elements such as density or type. The existence of a hardpan underneath your property can also be a cause of drainage problems. After knowing the source of the problem, applying a fix can be pretty easy.

The outcome of drainage landscaping depends a considerable deal on the initial planning. Draw a sketch of your property, clearly defining the location of the house, driveways, walkways, patios and any other feature that you have on it. Indicate the low spots and the areas that you need to drain the water from. On your sketch, draw arrows on the areas you would like the drainage system installed and the direction of flow of water. It is noteworthy that your drainage shouldn’t empty its water on your neighbor’s property.

After drawing a sketch, determining the ideal drainage solution for your property will be quite simple. Several drainage options are available that are not only efficient but also boost the visual allure of the property. A creek bed for instance is a great way of solving your drainage issues while booting the aesthetics of the property. The creek bed can be used to drain water from low spots on the property and empty it to a rain garden or a dry well. A popular advantage of the creek bed is that it looks good both in the rainy and dry seasons.

If there is a low spot on your yard that would like to get rid of but are hindered by the layout of the land, a rain garden is certainly the way to go. A rain garden is an area on your yard that is filled with plants that use lots of water with the main aim of catching and using up unwanted water on the yard. While it will not entirely solve the wetness problem, a rain garden looks better than a swampy hole. Another effective way of enhancing drainage on your property is through the use of drainpipes. They channel the water from the property and help in keeping it dry.

The services of a brilliant landscaping drainage contractor is exactly what you need for effective and stylish landscaping. Serving the Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County areas, Long Island Paving Masonry offers state of the art drainage landscaping services. We use proven techniques in the design and implementation of our drainage systems to guarantee clients of outstanding outcomes.