Commercial Blacktop Installation

Commercial Blacktop Installation

The success of a business depends considerably on the first impression it creates with the potential clients. There is actually no better way of creating a good first impression that through the exterior of your commercial property. While it needs to have an official look, it is also important to construct it in such a way that it is beautiful and gives visitors confidence on what is inside. Outdoor elements such as driveways, parking lots and walkways also play a key role in enhancing the curb appeal of the premise. Selecting the ideal commercial blacktop contractor goes a long way in assuring you of remarkable paving results.

A long lasting driveway is every property owner’s dream that they would often work determinedly towards achieving. The secret to a strong and durable pavement is the underlying subgrade. A strong pavement has a thick subgrade that is composed of the right material in the right proportions. Before the installation of the blacktop, the subgrade needs to be compacted until it is of the right density. Besides the strength of the pavement, the subgrade also affects the result of the paving visually. A properly laid subgrade results in an even and visually appealing pavement. The subgrade is vital not only during the installation of the pavement but also during repair and maintenance procedures. When conducting commercial blacktop repairs, the contractor handling the job needs to examine the existing subgrade to determine whether it can be as a base for the repair or if anew one needs to be installed.

Although blacktop is relatively resilient to water, water can seep in and weaken the soil underneath. When designing a pavement therefore, one of the key objectives of your design should be to keep water as far away from the paved surface as possible. Provide enough slope on the pavement and the surrounding areas to drain the water away from the pavement. With proper drainage, you can expect the paved surface to last longer as it will not be affected by rain water or surface runoff.

Proper commercial blacktop installation is also dependent on the tools and equipment used during the installation. The right tools and equipment facilitate precision and high quality output. They are also crucial to the timely completion of an installation or repair procedure. This is a feature of a commercial blacktop company that you need to consider prior to hiring their services to handle your paving work.

Long Island Paving Masonry is a leading commercial paving company in the Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County area. We employ modern techniques in the installation of blacktops and assure clients of the best quality output. We offer comprehensive services that range from developing designs for your pavements through to the actual installation. We also provide regular inspections and offer repair and maintenance services. Although installing for our clients durable pavements is our key priorities, we also assure them of stylish pavements that are sure highlight the beauty of the property and match up to current standards.