Industrial Parks Asphalt Parking Lot

Industrial Parks Asphalt Parking Lot

Every property owner totally understands the importance of the exterior of a property to the general appearance of the premise. For a commercial premise, the outdoor area is important for more than just the visual allure but also the comfort and creation of an official environment. Properly done, your pavement works effectively in creating a welcoming environment which is exactly what you need for a business premise. The ideal design, the right material, proper construction along with occasional maintenance all contribute to an effective and visually attractive pavement. These are thus some of the elements that you need to pay more attention to when acquiring industrial park paving.

Choosing the Right Contractor

One of the most critical elements of getting a good paving job done is getting the right contractor for the work. Do your research on the experience and the knowledge the contractor has on industrial paving. A contractor with vast experience in the industry offers more chances of doing a remarkable job. You may find it necessary to have a little chat with the contractor just to ensure that they are the best for the job. Long Island Paving Masonry contractors are some of the best in the industry. With several years of working in the industrial paving sector, they have all the skill to complete an impeccable commercial area paving job.

Select a Structural Design

The success of any paving work depends quite considerably on the design. When planning a paving on a commercial premise, it is noteworthy that quite a number of people will be using the pavement. The traffic will be high with more vehicles using the driveways and more people using the walkways. This is something that you need to take care of in the design of the pavement. Come up with a design that has adequate structural capacity to comfortably handle all the traffic and the load you expect on the premise. The thickness of the pavement is among the things that you need to specify on your design. It is often determined by the condition of the subgrade and the traffic load it handles. For a sturdy subgrade, the pavement doesn’t have to be so thick. If you expect your driveway to be used by heavy trucks, a thicker driveway is exactly what you need for durability.

Operating in Long Island, Nassau County and the Suffolk County area, Long Island Paving Masonry contractors has a team of knowledgeable commercial paving contractors who will help you come up with an amazing structural design. We ensure that you get a pavement design that will not only highlight the beauty of the property but also guarantee complete functionality.


For durability, the pavement of an industrial zone requires skillful construction and proper maintenance. Long Island Paving Masonry offers the finest paving, ensuring flawless drainage and protection from other elements that may cause damage to the pavement. We also offer regular inspections aimed at keeping the pavements in perfect condition. Our pavements are built to stoically weather the test of time.