Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Line Striping

The parking lot sends a strong statement about a property, both commercial and residential. A beautifully done parking lot is appealing and creates a welcoming environment for visitors. Such parking lots instill a sense of confidence in anyone that intends to drive into the property. Being one of the areas that visitors first interact with, it is a good idea to always ensure that your parking lot is in its best condition. A good parking lot also boosts the curb appeal of the premises. For generations now, parking lot striping has remained a popular way of highlighting the beauty and elegance of a parking lot. What many do not understand however is that parking lot stripping is significant in several ways other than aesthetics.


One of the noteworthy benefits of parking lot stripping is that it enhances safety on and around the parking lot. It helps in ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and drivers that use the parking lot. Clearly defining the crosswalks makes it possible for pedestrians and drivers to look out for each other and safely reach their destinations. Stripping also helps in directing flow of traffic on the parking lot. With the lines, you can indicate the lane for cars entering the parking lot and the lane for those that are leaving. The stripping therefore enhances the safe maneuvering of vehicles into and out of the lot. Besides the safety, the lines also helps in minimizing traffic jam on the lot as each car knows its corresponding lane.

Maximized Parking Space

Proper organization of a parking lot increases the parking space considerably. This is one of the reasons parking lot stripping is fast gaining popularity among property owners. When the parking spots and stalls are clearly marked with lines, it becomes easier for users to identify the right way to park. This makes it possible for the maximum number of vehicles to park all at the same time. Parking lot stripping averts situations in which illegal parking of vehicles causes congestion and inhibits parking of other vehicles which in turn limits the parking space. You should mention to the parking lot striping companies the maximum number of vehicles expected on the parking lot to help with designing and stripping of the lot.

Visual Allure

Beauty is another important benefit of parking lot stripping. A parking lot that has just been stripped looks a lot better than one that is not stripped. The stripping also makes it look a lot organized which increases its beauty.

Handicap Access

The handicapped should be considered during the construction of a parking lot. Stripping is an efficient way of creating special parking areas for the handicapped. It makes it easier for them to identify the parking spots designed for them, making navigation easier.

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