The walkway is an essential element of your outdoors whose importance should never be underestimated. Besides speaking volumes about the taste of the property owner, a beautifully installed walkway creates a comfortable and welcoming environment that anyone that walks into your property is bound to appreciate. Being among the areas that visitors first interact with, the walkway can also be pretty effective in boosting the curb appeal of any property. When getting paver walkway installations therefore, it is critical that you ensure you get the best of these services.

When planning the installation, you need to begin by deciding on details such as the style and pattern of the walkway paver. A variety of styles are available that you can try out depending on the type of the property and your own preferences. Some of the traditional basic patterns that can work well for your walkway include running bond or Jack-on-Jack. If you wish to keep the walkway sophisticated and classy, you should consider advanced patterns such as pinwheel or the herringbone. Installation of the advanced walkway pavers is often more multifaceted and need more cutting. With the services of Long Island Paving Masonry contractors however, you need not worry about the installation as we will definitely be in a position to the installation through regardless of the complexity of the paver.

Choosing the right design of walkway is another important step in the entire installation process. There are quite a number of walkway paver ideas which usually depend on among other factors, the type of the property. A case in point is the difference between installing a walkway paver on a commercial property and on a residential property. When working on a commercial property’s walkway paver, you need to ensure that the walkway has an official vibe besides beauty and elegance. You also need to opt for a walkway design that is welcoming. For a residential premise on the other hand, your walkway paver ideas are limitless.

Although a width of 36 inches is often the standard measure for walkways, you should feel free to explore your options and try something you find more convenient and comfortable. The walkway shouldn’t be too wide as it will look weird, neither should it be too narrow. It is recommendable to go for a walkway that can comfortably hold two people walking side by side. If the walkway will be used by people on a wheelchair, you may need to make it a little wider and include a turnaround area which spans approximately 60 inches.

Long Island Paving Masonry boasts of a team of seasoned paving contractors that are experienced and skilled at handling installation of walkways. If you are in search of the right paver walkway companies near me, then we are certainly the team to turn to. Delivering impeccable walkway installations in Long Island, Nassau County and Suffolk County areas, we offer comprehensive services that will definitely satisfy your every paving need. While we strive to ensure the beauty of the property, we are also particular about the strength and durability of the pavements. With our services, you are guaranteed of a pretty and durable walkway.