Parking Garage Asphalt

Parking Garage Asphalt

A successfully paved parking garage combines not only strength and durability, but also functionality, beauty and convenience. Carefully considering these elements during the installation of a parking garage ensures that you do a brilliant job. Parking garage asphalt paver remains one of the most preferred paver option for generations now. This is probably due to the fact that it is resilient and brings out the beauty of the garage. In order to create a strong and powerful impression on the users of the garage, there are a couple of factors that you need to bear in mind during the installation. With these factors in mind, you will find it a lot easier to come up with an incredible parking garage.

  1. Structure

The performance of any pavement depends largely on its foundation. When installing pavers for your parking garage, it is important that you begin with a strong and well-laid foundation. All the debris and any plant matter should be eliminated before the work is commenced. The subgrade should be compacted sufficiently and tested for its ability to provide overall pavement support.

  1. Drainage

Poor drainage is one of the most common causes of damages on a parking garage. Buildup of surface water on or near the pavement makes it weak and may result in potholes or various other kinds of damages. To avoid this, it is necessary to develop an efficient drainage system that ensures no water collects on or close to the pavement. The edges of the pavements should be made sloppy so that the water flows off. This helps in keeping the garage dry and consequently boosts its durability.

  1. Construction

Construction is the key element that determines the strength, visual allure and functionality of a parking garage. Construction involves the entire process right from the subgrade through to the laying of the actual parking garage asphalt pavers. For a neat job, begin by creating a compact subgrade and this includes the surrounding areas, the drainage and any manholes. It is important to ensure that you achieve at least 95% solid density on the subgrade.

It is also vital to ensure that prior to embarking on the job, you have all the tools and equipment needed to accomplish the task. You need an asphalt distributer, transportation for the asphalt, rollers and various other utilities that you will make use of during the process.

During the installation, it is important that rolling should begin as soon as the mix is solid enough to withstand displacement. This makes the mix compact thus boosting its strength. The rolling should proceed until the mix is totally compact and any roller marks are invisible.

  1. Maintenance and Repair

Keeping the garage in perfect condition should be a priority. Regular inspections coupled with frequent repair and maintenance procedures can efficiently get the job done.

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