Asphalt and Driveway

Asphalt and Driveway

The appearance of a driveway determines quite a deal the general aesthetics of the property. Properly done, the driveway can actually boost the visual allure of your property, giving it a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. It is thus a wise idea to invest in your driveway and work on it to help boost not only the beauty of the property but also to add on its value. Asphalt has over the years proven to be a great material to be used in the construction of a driveway. Choosing it over other materials such as concrete can therefore go a long way in ensuring that you get an attractive yet durable driveway.

An asphalt driveway is made of a mixture of sand and stones, otherwise known as aggregate, coupled with asphalt cement, a petroleum product in liquid state. The aggregate is heated and mixed with liquefied asphalt cement. The mixture is then properly laid on the initially prepared base or subgrade. It cools soon after the paving and hardens and can be used a short while after its installation.

There are quite a number of reasons why asphalt has been growing in popularity over the recent past. Guaranteed durability is one of the reasons asphalt is popular with most property owners. An asphalt driveway can stoically stand the test of time and remain in good condition even after a considerable period of time. This in turn saves you replacement and repair costs, making it an affordable driveway option. Another advantage of using asphalt for your driveway is the fact that it results in an even and smooth surface. The continuous surface certainly gives your property a stylish and organized look.

Adverse weather conditions are a challenge that a good number of property owners deal with from time to time. The freeze and thaw action tends to weaken and ultimately crack most driveway materials. With an asphalt driveway though, this is nothing to worry about. The material is pretty tough and will definitely withstand the freeze thaw action. They are also flexible and will not give in to extreme weight or frost heave.

Considering the advantages of these driveways, the blacktop driveway cost is rather affordable. It lasts longer as compared to other material used in in the installation of driveways, even those that are more expensive than it.

When installing a driveway on your property, your choice of asphalt driveway contractor matters a lot. Long Island Paving Masonry Contractor offers you exactly the driveway contractors you need for a successful asphalt driveway installation. With vast experience in the industry and unparalleled finesse in installation of asphalt driveways, Long Island Paving Masonry contractors will deliver impeccable installation services in and around Suffolk County, Nassau County and the Long Island regions.

While durability is vital, the beauty of an asphalt driveway also needs to be considered during the installation. A proficient asphalt driveway contractor such as those provided by Long Island Paving Contractor will ensure that you get a remarkably beautiful asphalt driveway that is also strong and durable. Asphalt driveways will help you cut down on the maintenance and repair costs and save you some cash.