Asphalt Driveway Repair

 Asphalt Driveway Repair

While asphalt driveways may be durable, they begin to wear out after a while due to mechanical forces and other things such as natural elements. If unchecked, the minor damages on asphalt driveways may grow and become a major problem to the property owner. A worn out driveway reduces the visual appeal of a property quite a lot. It also compromises the safety of those that live or work on the property and may even lead to accidents. To avoid all the inconveniences and dangers of a damaged driveway, you will need to find the right asphalt driveway repair services as soon as possible.

There are a wide range of problems that compromise the beauty and efficiency of an asphalt driveway. Determining which problem you are facing with your driveway is often important as it should help you determine the appropriate repair measure to take. Some of the problems that affects asphalt are: –


Just as the name suggests, potholes are holes on the asphalt driveway. They result from areas of or pieces of asphalt missing from the driveway. The pothole sizes often range from small diameter holes to large diameter holes. Most often, they result from alligator cracks that weren’t repaired in time. It is recommendable to repair potholes soon after they show as they may grow large and ultimately raise the driveway repair cost. Repairing potholes requires pothole patches and a tamper to even out the surface after sealing the hole.


Sinkholes are another problem that you may encounter with your asphalt driveway. You will determine their existence by areas of the driveway that are sunk into the ground. They result from a number of issues such as poorly laid base foundation or a major settling of the ground after the installation of the driveway. If not repaired in time, sinkholes will crack and leave potholes. They should be therefore repaired as soon as possible. The repair can be done using pothole or alligator patches depending on the size of the sinkhole.

Alligator Cracks/Spider Web Cracks 

As with the name, the cracks appear like a spider web on the driveway. They too vary in size with some extending just a few inches in diameter and others covering considerably large areas on your driveway. In order to inhibit the growth of these cracks, you will need to repair the cracks immediately you notice them.

While a DIY driveway repair may not be all too complicated, it is recommendable to get the professional services of a professional driveway repair company. These companies will readily provide you with driveway repair contractors who, Armed with experience and expertise, will deliver remarkable repair services on your asphalt driveway and bring it back to its former glory in no time.

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