Commercial Services

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Using the right paving designs, the appropriate material and proper construction methods together with timely repairs and maintenance helps in ensuring a functional trouble-free pavement. Designed and constructed properly, a paved surface should last more than 2 decades. Considering the fact that a commercial pavement is expected to handle a significant amount of load, it is important to use proven engineering decisions such as the thickness, structural designs and material in order to construct a durable pavement. There are also a number of management options that greatly influence the strength and performance of the paved surface. Ending up with a properly constructed pavement that offers functional guarantees and durability is a process that needs to be handled with some level of skill.

Select a Contractor

Finding the right contractor for your paving needs requires some amount of research. When choosing a commercial asphalt company, ensure that it offers contractors that are experienced, knowledgeable and pay attention to every detail of the paving work. This may involve having a chat with several contractors about their services in order to be fully confident about hiring their services. Consider contractors paving companies that have built a reputation and ask around if they deliver satisfactory services. You may also find it helpful to visit sites they have previously worked on and assess the quality of work they do.

Structural Design

The structural capacity of a pavement to handle the expected load is crucial to its general performance. The condition of the subgrade and the traffic loads are among the factors you need to consider when deciding on the thickness of the pavement. The subgrade being the foundation of your pavement needs to be properly prepared. Clear it of any top soil and vegetation and shape it to blend with the contour of the anticipated finished pavement. Compact the subgrade to rid it of soft areas as this may result in sink holes on the paved surface. The thickness of the subgrade and the asphalt paver depends largely on the type of pavement. A walkway for instance needs just a few inches of subgrade and asphalt while driveways and parking lots needs several inches of both.


Weather elements such as rainfall are among the top causes of degradation on paved surfaces. This is therefore something worth considering during commercial asphalt pavers installations. Proper drainage on and around a pavement is considered key to its overall performance. Proper drainage enhances the durability of the pavement by helping it stoically weather the effects of environmental elements such as surface runoff. Draining off the water from the pavement helps in keeping both the subgrade and the pavement dry which prevents the loss of strength due to wetness.

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